Going somewhere?
Feeling led?
I love His #timing. Even when I #struggle with it, I’m so grateful that He knows the wheres and whens of my life. (You know I SO did NOT want to pick apples!)
But what do I know?
Turns out the $ earned picking apples was needed for something very important!!!

So I surrender the fight & just go with it, finding joy in the journey, appreciating #diversity, grateful for the roller-coaster #adventures of life, thankful that it’s NOT me in control (God help us all lol) and basically loving that I will grow through the experiences & somehow, miraculously, come out a better, more tolerant & loving, kinder, more understanding person in the end.
If not, there’ll be another adventure-teaching-ground around the next corner haha!

Do you trust Him?
His plan really IS the best one!

You’ve been loved-on by


Because we care

Love. Joy. Happy Vibes.

#gratefulfor #buzz3dayz #lifelessons