Thank God for that!

WE COULD BE DEAD! Hooleydooley THAT was close!! Step was trying to ignite our GAS BURNER inside Buzz (you’re already nervous, aren’t you? Well wait til you hear what happened!). The cartridge wouldn’t enter the nozzle far enough, thus it was leaking #gas. Step went to light it & both the element AND the cartridge caught #fire!
With flames leaping everywhere, Step slammed it shut, turned the gas off & received some singed arm-hairs in the process.
It COULD have been soo much worse – but listen to this: NEXT THING, we received this text from a Christian friend: ‘While taking to God (as one does) I kept getting the impression of a silly, by way of simple, accident that could have been avoided. Whatever Hon, just be careful both of you. I can’t have my rainbow, gypsy friends hurting themselves.’ WoW. Being inside Buzz, we literally could’ve blown ourselves up! But He had someone across the ocean, two States away & 1700 kilometres away praying for us!!!
It never ceases to amaze me how God has our back & has someone randomly praying for us whenever we need it.

Be #encouraged:
God #loves you
God goes before you
God #protects you

Love, joy & happy vibes

Chrissy – alive & well!