It took a whole12 hours

Whatever it takes:

Here I am, fighting fit & bouncing outa my skin after hitting the hay at 5.30pm yesterday & not getting up again until 12 hours later!!!
Too tired for dinner, to sore to sit, bed lured me & wrapped it’s delicious arms around me.
Now I’m a new woman. And my muesli tasted extra bloody good this morning!
Do what YOU need to do to stay well & have a positive attitude.
There’s my tip for what it’s worth.

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A man on a commuter train kept gazing out the window and saying, ‘Wonderful; just wonderful!’ What was he looking at? Run-down apartment buildings and rubbish spilling over onto the pavement! After hearing him say, ‘Wonderful!’ four or five times the lady beside him remarked, ‘It doesn’t look too wonderful to me.’ Whereupon the man replied, ‘I’ve been blind for the past thirty years. But through the skill of a surgeon, the generosity of a donor, and a corneal transplant, I’ve been given the gift of two new eyes. And to me, everything I see is wonderful.’ Grumbling blinds you to blessings, but gratitude opens your eyes to enjoy them. So today, ask the Lord to open your eyes to all the ‘wonderful things’ that surround you. (Check out Psalm 119:18 & WORDFORTODAY daily readings)

Luv, joy & happy vibes to you


Power to change to ya!!