A twinkle in the leaves?

Meet the delightful, twinkling, poplar trees in their ever-changing state. Worthy of note as they stand sentineled along the orchard’s border.
You have to love the design – probably specifically for our enjoyment knowing God’s sense of fun; with spirally arranged leaves that vary in shape from triangular to circular & with a long petiole; (what’s life but a long petiole, I always say) which can be laterally flattened, so that breezes easily cause the leaves to wobble back and forth, giving the whole tree a ‘twinkling’ appearance in a breeze (ain’t that just dandy?).
They’re particularly fun at the moment, like all #Deciduous trees (falling off at maturity or falling away after its purpose is finished) – losing their leaves seasonally in autumn.
And such fun to kick around in after a day’s apple picking & crunching them under our feet. I mean really, who can resist playing in autumn leaves?!?
Got anything in your life right now that needs ‘falling away after its purpose is finished’? #Autumn would be a great time to do it!

Ya gotta love the opportunities for new beginnings!

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Luv, joy & happy autumn vibes

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