Just checking you’ve got it going on

How’s your morning? Making way for an incredible day?
I really want you to seize this day… Grab it with both hands and run with it!

#misty #morning There’s definitely a #magical quality to this day! Don’t miss it!! Put your #jolly mood on & #swim in it!
It’s been lovely waking up to different skies: glorious orange streaky #sunrises, fluffy white clouds in a pure blue sky days, overcast ominous #clouds before the rain, and now the #fairytale mist where we can’t see far in front of our #faces. How clever of God to always shake it up a little each day, showing off His handiwork, promising us something #different if we just prepare for it. We may be in a bit of a Groundhog Day with repetitive work, but the people, beauty, #conversations, blessings & opportunities for loveliness are new every morning. #wakingupisgood #gratefulfor #buzz3dayz

Make it a day you can WRITE about!

You’ve been Luvd on & cheered on by

Love, joy & happyvibes xx