A tooth & an attitude?

How was your day?
Interesting day?
yea, mine was too …

On the #downside: I lost an #earring to a triffid apple tree that came alive & put me in a #headlock. I came out with my life; & both ears still attached to my head, so the sacrifice of one small earring ( don’t let on that I’m wearing another five!) seems a small price to pay for remaining in one piece.

And I lost half a #tooth.
Yea, a bloody tooth!
I wasn’t even munching on an #apple.
Was simply enjoying my salad rice wrap & next thing you know I was biting on what felt and sounded like #stone! But turned out to be half of my back right molar* (*the name #molar derives from Latin, molaris dens, meaning “millstone tooth”, from “mola”, millstone and dens, tooth.)

But on the #upside: it is payday, so I will be able to scout Vinnies for another earring to not-match my other five; & possibly even afford the #dentist! #Winning!
Do you feel you’re winning too?
It’s an attitude. An attitude we choose.
Nice to be able to choose to win, ain’t it?!

Luvn vibes to ya Champ

Chrissy xx