We could be mad I tell you!!

Dear friend,
Flippymedippet & Hooleydooley that was torture!! ManOman what the heck are we doing haha. Suckers for punishment …
Rained all day picking #apples today. Do you know how long a day is outdoors, sopping wet, no #shelter, cold #wind, working working working … drenched right through to my underwear AGAIN?
Unable to bear the thought of stopping to sit in the soggy mess of our clothes on the soggy mess of the ground; we #skipped our morning tea & lunch breaks – just kept plodding along #methodically until we’d plucked the last apple off the very last tree in our rows at 3pm & knocked off for the day.
To stay sane, to remain as upbeat as possible under excruciating #circumstances, I prayed & sang my way through blessings for my church family, my blood family & our dear friends like YOU reading this (thank you). Hope you feel the Luvn vibes; they truly sustained me (I could say they warmed me from the inside, but that’d be soppy & there was enough of that about the day. Let’s say, by focusing happy thoughts & #prayers on YOU, I noticed my miserable predicament less.)
We’ve just had a warm shower & now about to eat a hot curry Step is brewing up. We are starved & exhausted: but snuggled against the elements at last in Buzz & feeling acomplished, satisfied, almost heroic really lol (Super Steve & Crazy Chrissy Superheroes) lol

How’s the day gone for you?
Have you noticed how much you can #endure by thinking of others? Amazing therapy eh!

Love, joy & happy vibes

You’ve just been Luvd-on by