They say there’s Gota be a little rain sometime

It #rained last night; sounded so good on the roof while we were snuggled in bed; was still raining when the alarm jangled us into wakefulness before the bloody #sun was even up. Now what do ya reckon you do when you wake up to rain? First thoughts go to laying-in with a good #book; making a pot of chai to warm from the inside & totally revelling in the dreamy atmosphere; but reality is forced upon me as I remember my day will begin right now by dragging my sorry butt up at the crack of dawn (sorry to put butt & crack so close together there) & out into the cold & rain to pick more apples.
The trees were wet; the apples glistening with silver droplets, little pools in the tops where the stork joins the fruit. So pretty – until you begin picking them.
My clothes quickly became drenched right through to my undies & bra. The picking bag got heavier with the weight of wet apples until the bag itself was a sodden drenched heavy-weight even before the next lot of apples were placed within it.
Five hours later; by the time we were released to #hike down & across the #orchard to Buzz for our feta cheese, pickles, cherry tomatoes, shallots & salami rice wraps, we were two #drowned rats.
Before we could eat, we had to struggle out of the clothes stuck to our cold bodies & towel ourselves dry.
And just think, as soon as we wash our plates after devouring our lunch like starved labour camp escapees, it’s on with the damp, soggy clothes, over the head with our heavy, saturated picking bags & back across and up that orchard to pick more freakin’ wet #apples til the #sun sets ever so slowly in the west & another #fabulous day in Tassie comes to a close. #buzz3dayz #livingthedream

You’ve just been loved-on by
Crazy Chrissy

Love, joy & sunshine