tomato soup

THE BEGINNING: we’re outa bed at 6.12. Brekky & chai tea. Jog down to the house to poo in the loo. Brisk walk up the orchard to pick bins of apples…
Yep, so far, just like every other day.
Only today, it’s Sunday; early-mark day … so it’s time for the Buzz mobile to hit the road & explore!

1. There are only TWO STATES IN AUSTRALIA to a Tasmanian. The first is ‘Tasmania’ & the other is ‘the mainland’. That’s it.
2. Every road, every road in Tassie is narrow & windy, with large expanses of ocean or rivers on one side & huge mountains on the other: the kinda roads you need to creep along with caution & keep your wits about you, yet the speed limit is always 100k… & most Tasmanians think they can do it!
3. There’s probably only a dozen cops to the whole state. And every police station looks like a small shed at best; a public toilet block at worst.

BIZARRE FACT: I was in Tassie decades ago, as a kid. We celebrated CHRISTMAS here as a family, with, would you believe, tinned tomato soup. Yep, that was our big yahoo Christmas lunch (we really knew how to live it up!) Today, Step & I got back to the orchard all pooped-out from our exploring and, blow me down if Step doesn’t open tinned tomato soup for dinner! Too weird! Step ALWAYS makes meals from scratch. Did he purposefully do that? Where the heck did a tin of tomato soup come from!?

1. Hobart area Population is 205,557.
2. The median age of the Hobart population is 38 years.
3. The whole of Tasmania’s population is 516,630.

Feeling informed?
There’s always something to learn, isn’t there?

Love, joy & happy learning
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