Talk about a CHALLENGE!

We’re like chalk & cheese, me & Step. He’s such a bloke! (& I’m such a girl)
Today, picking was going well. I was fired-up in the morning, working like a smooth machine, & we knocked over bin after bin after bin together; getting redirected (& surprisingly NOT getting lost) all over the orchard.
With so much work to be done, lunch came a bit late for my liking – my little bowl of muesli not quite filling me with the fuel I needed to work so hard & so fast for so long.
Wandering down to Buzz for our salami & cheese rice cakes, dragging my feet & rubbing my shoulders, I knew my body was weary.
But I knew it IN CAPITAL LETTERS after lunch – after trudging wearily back up that long orchard; once I put that Joey pouch back over my head; felt it tug on my sore shoulders, raised my aching arms above my head to begin picking from the top of another one of those never-ending kazillion bloody apple trees, that my poor ol’ tired Granny body was WEARY.
Now working like a well-oiled machine together, we’d made good time before lunch, so it was no surprise when we reached our usual number of bins for one day by an early 4pm!
Here’s where we differ, me & Step. Man & woman.

All I could think of was ‘early mark’ woohoo! And hittin’ that shower for a real looong hot soak with my head against the smokey glass while that hot water beat down upon my aching shoulder blades & neck. My only concern was whether I would ever want to get out.
I was so excited – with my last remaining energy I emptied my last pouch into our full bin and raised it ever-so-carefully over my head, sighing loudly, in audible relief. I was plum tuckered out & my day was done!
Sounds reasonable, responsible, practical & bloody well-earned, wouldn’t you agree?

But Step is a man.
He sees numbers as a challenge!
His inner macho kicks in & he’s instantly planning on breaking our record. His eyes are glazed over, dreaming of the day’s tally. He’s looking down that loooong row of overladen apple-trees & he’s thinking ‘we could get another one or two bins in before knockoff!’
Why men have this ridiculous drive within them, is beyond me. But I could not have thought of anything worse (not even a swim in the murky shark-infested Dover waters) than another three hours of picking!
I truly thought, ‘if I have to pick one more apple I WILL DIE!’
And I wasn’t being dramatic (who, me? dramatic?!) I was being FREAKING REAL!

Now I know you know what a submissive little wife I am. And I know you know the outcome, don’t you!?

Let’s just say, for the record, that it was a WIN/WIN!
Yes that early looong hot leisurely shower was absolutely perfectly wonderfully divine … & yep, we (I use the term ‘we’ very loosely) have a new record number of bins picked in one day!!
Go team us!!

Got a plan?
Got a partner?

Go team YOU!

You’ve been loved on by
Team Chrissy

Luv, joy & happy vibes