How am I still ALIVE?!

Did you hear that a PACK OF WHITE POINTERS was sighted in Dover this morning?

Well guess where Step took me after our gruelling day’s picking?
He’s so sweet; just so I wouldn’t have to share the shower with the other (male) pickers here, he took me to Dover to ‘bathe’ in the murky ocean!! …yes, the same ocean with the bloodthirsty pack/herd of sharks! Hello! Am I missing something here!?
You do know it IS Tasmania & it is autumn; & the ocean isn’t notoriously warm even in a sunny summer’s day here. So instead of the hot shower I was anticipating (admittedly Step has to come in with me: & not because he’s a romantic* (*refer to white pointer episode) but because there’s no lock on the door & its a communal shower – shared with the French & German & Kiwis), instead of said hot shower; he takes me to the ocean! Hardly a place to soothe my aching joints!
What a guy!!
He really spoils me!

And while I’m onto it… Are we really the only Aussies who do this stuff… to pick apples all day & sleep in their van on orchards?
Where are all the Aussies? Are they in other nations on working visas like the French, German & Kiwis (ok, so the kiwis don’t need a working visa but you get my point) do here?
Or are they in cosy homes in their nice warm beds laughing at me?
From shark bait to Aussie clown. … Living the dream!

See how fun life is?
Tell me you’re having fun too!!

You’ve just been loved on by
(Crazy) Chrissy

Love. Joy & Happy Swimming!