Tell her she’s dreaming

Step says to me, ‘Most women wouldn’t dream of picking apples’. I’m not sure what he’s thinking, but I DON’T dream of picking #apples either!! Personally, I’m a bit #disappointed that Step is God’s favourite.
You see Step REALLY WANTED to pick apples & I, well, I REALLY DIDN’T WANT to pick apples.
We prayed & we asked around a few orchards & then I thought ‘God will love that we showed we were serious, now He’ll shower us with loads of money so we can enjoy a holiday like other folk have. A holiday, as in ‘not working’.’ It seemed a #logical thought at the time.
Our bank balance read -$2.61. Yes, that’s #minus! But I thought God would look down from Heaven & say ‘Chrissy My Darling, I know you just want to #write & not do anything else, so you won’t have to go & do any #backbreaking work.’ I think He would add, ‘I will find someone who will #pay you to write, because you are so very good at it.’ And all that sounded reasonable to me too.

But no, He takes Step’s side & we’re out here ‘living the dream’ cos it’s every woman’s DREAM to pick apples!! HaHa!!
Dream on!

Only kiddin’

Pursue your dreams –


Luv, Joy, & happy dreams