let the games begin

& this is where we live! … on the orchard – includes loo & shower!!
But don’t get too excited; anyone who’s read Falling Up Stairs knows that orchard showers leave A LOT to be desired.
And I’m the ONLY FEMALE. Yep, 5 star lol
Oh the things we do!!!!!!!!!

Oh, & I’m thinking of putting out a series on how NOT to do things.
Hiking in Heels will be very popular. And today’s could be Bangles & Branches or Triffids & Trinkets. Many glamorous Grannies will appreciate me saving them from broken wrists!
Oh what am I talking about? As if there would be another GlamGranny crazy, mental, stupid enough to voluntarily endeavour to PICK APPLES!

Honestly, you get this ‘Joey pouch’ to fill with the apples you pick whist fighting your way through triffid branches, beating off spiders, frogs, centipedes & these weird ugly black bugs with ferocious-looking nippers; & then you bend your back & lower your very heavy full pouch of apples very carefully into a huge bin to empty it ready to fill again; & then you repeat this over and over and over again until the bin is full of apples; & then you do that again & again and again with more & more bins to fill ALL DAY LONG!
And then you get to come back tomorrow & the next day & the next day & the next until there are no more a apples to pick!

It’s like being heavily pregnant & delivering the baby only to get heavily (back-breaking my) pregnant again.
So, who’s signing up!

You’ve just been loved-on by

Love. Joy. Happy vibes