The great writers & rain

…rainy day of #reading (diverse range of fiction & non-fiction from Alistair Maclean & James Patterson, to A W Tozer & Robert Morris); posting online & #writing (equally, if not more-so, diverse); collecting #rain water off the tarp into our 20litre jerry-cans (make hay while the sun shines – or in this case, gather water while it rains); #struggling (succeeding so far despite the skies being against it) to keep the #fire going with wet wood; attempting to stay dry (settling for slightly damp); shaking the sand out of our bed #sheets (don’t ask); discussing food (relevant to ANY setting ANY time of the day); praying (gotta stay in the Big Guy’s good books); boiling the #billy (how much chai tea is too much?); reading hairy bits of the Good Book (speaking of DIVERSE!); #kissing (needs nothing in parenthesis*) {*a phrase inserted as an explanation or afterthought into a passage which is grammatically complete without it, in writing usually marked off by brackets, dashes, or commas}; & generally sitting in our deck-chairs under our not-quite-big-enough awning #observing the hazy wet world in those contemplative melancholy #moods that see your day drift by in contented reflective musings.

And you?

You, my dear friend, have just been loved-on by

Luv, joy, happy days