Take THAT, you money-spinner

NO POSSIBLE WAY is what you’re going to #scream when you hear this! You won’t believe it – but THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED TODAY!!!
Upon a #zillion people’s advice, we arose early & zoomed keenly toward a huge #tourist #attraction this morning only to discover it COST #MONEY! I know, I know, what were we thinking? Well, obviously we WEREN’T thinking!
So what do you do when you’re on the doorstep to something great? You eat your yummy homemade muesli brekky in Buzz in their carpark & brew a billy chai tea. Take that!!

It’s ok. Don’t feel too sorry for us, ‘COS YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED …
Anyway, for those still #fretting on our behalf, be assured, we’re used to it… We’ve had LOTS of holidays where we’ve peered through the bars of the gates of something wonderful – & simply driven away (ask our kids, some of them carry deep scars that a counsellor may have an opportunity to make huge bucks out of in years to come!)
Anyway, my point is – we had such a #sensational day (again) without spending a cent!
We were ‘led’ (that’s what we call it when God looks down upon our position, just outside the playground, & feels sorry for us – so He takes us somewhere better, for FREE, to blow our minds) to enchanted forests, mountain-top walks & to sights that took our breath away! #Ancient trees 200feet high;
#canopy so thick we forgot there WAS a sky;
#mountains so high our noses & fingers froze but somehow it didn’t snow (it truly was refreshingly FREEZING);
a #waterfall we didn’t know was there until we were literally precariously perched above it; #zigzagging roads & walks that made us go ‘ah’ at almost every bend; & we saw a natural lake 1,000 metres above sea-level;
& some of Australia’s rarest #pine trees;
& the fastest growing #gum trees in the whole of Oz;
but wait, there’s more;
& one of the only temperate forests remaining in the world.

So #gated-tourist-money-gatherer; take THAT!

Expect the best – ‘cos remember, you’re a child of the King! Consider yourself Luvd-on by
Spreading those contagious love, joy & happy vibes