Falling in luv is so easy with aqua in op-shops

I know you know …

During #apple-picking days in #Tumbarumba many #moons ago, I had a favourite pair of jeans, with rose-print all over them, & a #leather lace-up fly I never needed to undo cos they just slipped down over my #hips with a bit of downward tugging-while-wiggling. I wore them almost daily… seeing them tear, and get worn & #dirty, and used, and messy and lived-in. I’d wash them now and again, but they told such a #story in the end. I couldn’t wear them without smiling and reminiscing and totally loving life.
They fell apart after a few #seasons and a few years and a few more journeys and adventures, and one day in a #ruthless mood I chucked them out. How I miss those jeans.

Well we were at an op-shop in #Tasmania on a cold day recently and I realised, being a mini-skirt-kinda-gal, I had no warm pants. What I needed was something comfy enough, & #rogue enough to live an endless, timeless, outdoor #adventure with me.
I found an aqua pair of size 9 stretch jeans for $1.50 & couldn’t resist the #extravagant splurge. The clincher was the fact that, with enough pressure applied, I could slip them off without undoing the fly – with that old familiar downward-shove-whist-wiggling-the-hips motion. I was in love!

I’ve worn them for the first time – already they have been in the #ocean with me & beside the #camp fire and have been gathering wood with me & had ash hands wiped upon them, bacon fat splattered on them and the sandstone rock’s paint striped down them. They’ve bush-walked, comfortably pocketed my iPhone, & had no problem #climbing fallen trees. They protected my shins against a possible nasty scrape & Step said they’re #sexy to follow. I’m gunna love my Aqua jeans… already they tell a story.

Got clothes like that??

you’ve been Luvd on by an aqua-jeans-clad

Love, joy & aqua vibes