It’s HE who leads, yea?

He leads me #beside still waters…

Practically having #fled last night’s campsite, we are shaking our heads. That’s the most spiritual #oppression we have felt. My heart was racing as though being pursued & a ball of angst in my gut kept me frantically awake all night. I thought it was my #anxiety – as it had built up the closer we got to the camp site last night.

We’re sitting having breakfast in a safe place now, discussing how crazy the experience was. Step said he can finally #breathe some air with space – like we’d been #strangled. He reckons heavy stuff might have gone down in the past & spiritually the place still oozed it. Real #creepy stuff. Thank God we’re outa there!

If you’re in a situation that’s got you feeling strangled, pray for spiritual discernment &, as my friend Sylvia so wisely says, shout the name of #Jesus!

Stay in His care dear friend

Luvn vibes & blessings