The Tea Tin dilemma of Day 95

Day 95 & the #dilemma of the tea-tin presents itself for more than the 95th time.
I know it’s my own #fault, but I did something topsy-turvy from the beginning & I doubt there’s any going back now.
We brought two #tea tins (no room for the third so it was -not without tears- gifted to some Victorians during the journey): one is labeled ‘chai’ the other ‘spi chai’.
Here’s where I went wrong – I put my chai tea & vanilla chai tea bags in the Spi Chai tin.
In the Chai tin is anything BUT chai: lemongrass&ginger tea, peppermint teabags, detox tea, chamomile tea bags & an odd assortment of herbal bags including lime & liquorice.
Every #morning for 95 days I have opened the #cupboard & faced the two tins & gone totally #blank as to which tin holds what: surely the chai tea is within the chai tin? …which would be practical & sensible – so, let’s face it, on those grounds, probably NOT – & so I occasionally reason out my unreasoning & fluke the incorrect tin – holding the correct contents.
My dilemma is – should I CHANGE the tins’ contents?!? Should I now, after 95 days of habit, put the chai tea in the chai tin & herbals in the Spi Chai tin & take the #guesswork out of my tea time dilemma. OR will this further #confuse me upon each opening wondering whether I swapped them to be practical & sensible or whether I just THOUGHT about it for the 95th time.
You see, life on the road holds its own challenges – it’s not all fun & games !!!

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