ArtyFarty & Weird

A teller machine with naked ladies & human hearts upon the walls (among other naughty bits)

Being #confronted isn’t always the most comfortable feeling, & #MONA certainly provides food for thought, even if you do have to move quickly past some ‘things’ at times, but today was a day for #growth, enjoyment, deep thoughts, #reflection, #challenge & stimulating conversations – to say the least for the overload in beauty & sunshine & festivity & laughter & challenge & ‘great to be alive’ moments!

Sometimes #ignorance stops us, or #fear, or #embarrassment kicks in & rips us off… – but other times we bite the bullet & lunge right in, boots & all.

Somewhere amongst it & within it, is #discernment.

Trust your #gut.

Walking-out LUV, JOY & HAPPY VIBES with