Bogeymen, Tassie Devils & the late night piddle

Bogeymen, Tassie Devils & the Late Night Piddle

I’m beginning this day on about as much sleep as a breast-feeding #mother of newborn triplets.
For reasons still unexplainable, we went to #bed late. Once snuggled into the familiar warmth of Buzz, we got lost within our #novels & read way too long. I was so exhausted by the fifth time I’d been snapped back awake by my book slipping out of my hands, that I re-read the same page a dozen times & still couldn’t tell you what it said.
I then #tossed&turned for hours. I couldn’t get comfortable no matter which way I flopped around; & when I finally found the perfect spot in the absolute perfect position, I needed to #pee. Believe one who knows these things far too well, that once you’ve been outside in the dark, tripping over that dam possum that thinks we’ve adopted her, struggling through the bush to find the loo under moonlight, I tell you it’s an awakening to every nerve-ending in your body! Needless to say, once back in bed, smugly satisfied I’m superwoman for being brave enough to brave the night walk through the bush ALONE, my mind is on full alert.
I must have #drifted into a restless sleep at some stage because I was awake again & it was 4am. Any #writer knows that’s the peak time for #creativity!! So on goes the iph to write.
After an hour of that kinda stimulation, I had so much #nervous energy & so many creative juices flowing that wouldn’t shut down or switch off, I really wished I wasn’t quite so afraid of everything that goes bump in the #night & that I could venture back outside with vigorous bravery and float upward to tumble around the #moon in orbit, naked; but once is more than enough. It’s way too scary to attempt outdoors without daylight again. I mean if there was a #bogeyman or wild boar or Tasmanian #Devil out there, they’re only guna let me get away with it once, right, they’re guna HAVE to eat me if I come back out there, yea?
So I toss & turn in bed instead – driving Step mad until he #surrenders all attempt at sleep himself & decides it’d be more fun to get back into his novel.
He starts to read with his miner’s head lamp sending rays of light around Buzz like a glow-worm attempting to return home after a late night’s binge on the turps. Man, what a day THIS one’s going to be!

Have you been brave lately – faced a fear?
Or creative – designed that one-wheeled car you’ve always dreamt about?
Have you been out @ night gazing up into the full moon – getting your moon tan on? I dare you to go for the trifecta & smash all three!

You’ve just been loved-on by
Brave (crazy) Chrissy

Luv. Joy & Happy Vibes