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Some black eyes watch us, a #wallaby with the hiccups .. did you know they get hiccups? I didn’t until this moment experiencing it right now, as I make my billy chai tea & Step starts the devotional for us for the day… ew & the big brown bug walking across my bare #tummy now!! Oh and the giant, plump bumblebee. They are the true bumblebees, much bigger than a blow fly, & smaller than a #weebill, Australia’s smallest bird (8cm long). Large, fat & round & stocky, #bumblebeesare also very hairy. Workerbees may be up to 22 mm in length while queenbees are up to about 25 mm. He makes a loud buzzing sound, & he doesn’t sting! But on his zigzag mission, before he hovers over the passenger door of Buzz to discover if there’s anything worth stopping his erratic flight path for, he goes buzz – rather loudly! The kinda bzz bzz bzz that makes your lips go all funny & fury with vibration when you imitate him.
We play on a #swing.
We scamper upon rocks.
We sing with the bumblebee.
We chase each other along the shore.
I wear a tutu just cos I can.
Step skips rocks.
We laugh.
I buy a children’s dress for $1.50 at the tiny op-shop & squeeze myself into it.
After driving around the camp ground twice, we pulled in to the day park, resigned that if it’s meant to be, we’d get to stay ‘free for up to 2 weeks’. Within a minute of turning off Buzz’ motor, a lady from SA offered us this perfect campsite with rock ‘tables’, plenty of private space & ‘clothes line’ as she hit the road on her next #adventure. We decide we’ll live here for days. Relaxing. #Regrouping. Chillin’. Reading. #WRITING (notice capitals for emphasis).

There’s no reception, so that’s a good thing- leaving us hope to write over the next few days with little distractions other than the native visitors. Sounds like paradise to me. Speaking of sounds – it’s so #QUIET (I had to shout the ‘quiet’ to let you know I’m for real). A background vibe of twittering, chirping birdsong all around in the bush totally surrounding us, along with an interesting chorus of indistinguishable variety of inspect-speak; and gentle crashing beach waves upon the shore below us. That kind of quiet – the one void of cars, people, doors banging, the hum of electricity wires, the moan of busy traffic, cities and the usual busy-life noises that are impenetrable in the fact that they’ve become such a norm you don’t realise you’re in such constant #loudness. Until days like this. Then you know. Your soul knows. That’s how deep the peace soaks.

We soak in God’s richness & thank Him before launching into asking Him to bless & keep our family & friends. It’s a meditative start to the day that helps position us in the centre of His will. That safe place. That space where you completely relax: body, soul & spirit.

Of course it’s usually followed by a walk. We can walk for 5 minutes or 5 hours; the white-sandy coastline continues forever. There’s actually real waves here too! Our first swim with waves.

If we’ve noticed a pattern, I’d say that the days start cool & get warmer as they go, though today is the first time I’ve sported the jumper look – & was stripped to cossies ten minutes later! *writer’s note: forget the ‘pattern’ – now it’s rain & wind & sleet & beanies & jackets & a coastal walk that’ll definitely NOT involve a swim!

For a State that was meant to be winter-woollies-only; even our infamous travel go-everywhere companion, big purple shag, tie-dyed bedspread, was suffering withdrawals – banished from us in this warm & delightful climate until now! Now he’s our bestest #buddy again.

Some places just demand the adjective ‘wonderful’. This. This is where we live.

Create your world.

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