treasure your treasures

Treasuring Treasures

Living & doing-life with the #freedom to come together as a group; stroll away as couples; or #wander off alone.
Shared evening #music; table-talk amidst #muesli & toast, bacon & eggs, mushies & fried tomatoes with good-morning bedhair; Peter’s guitar #strumming; #dancing with the lights down low to music beginning with B; swimming, dipping, #splashing & floating in crystal clear waters together. Beach strolls & bush walks; #synchronised exercises or the conquering of mountains; shared dinners & end-of-day stories. The #ramblings that can only happen accompanied by crackers & cheeses; drinking together & exploring together; brainstorming & helping build one another up.
Dripping Cossie-clad #shivering bodies & dusty bush-track feet; lounging, gazing, musing, reading, planning, hugging.
Where a ‘good night’ means that everyone is hugged & #squeezed.
These things that we do so well with our inner-circle soul mates.
What a blessed & beautiful time. We’re such dear friends – & I treasure it all the more knowing how rare it is.

At funerals there are many speeches about how we treasured the friend lost. Let’s give our speeches to our treasures’ ears.

You’ve just been loved-on by
Luv. Joy. Happy vibes dear Treasure