Crazy eh !?

Crazy eh !?

Who were the last up today? That’d be the couple weathering the morning rain in Buzz by writing, reading, & yes, a bit of writhing (aw, the way this old married couple seems to fit perfectly together), before a late brekky in glorious sunshine. See, there’s a method in their madness…

Never ones to be in a rush, we were ready to tackle the beach walk to the distant headland (which turned out to be 3.5k away) by around midday. It’s timeless here, so it doesn’t bare recording exact times anyway. We had packed ricecakes smothered with the standard pb&h (that’s peanut butter & honey for the uninitiated), nuts & water, so, other than the #backpack containing it all, & our hats upon our noggins, we walked it #naked, but not before finding that tiny speck in cyberspace that allowed reception to text the kids boasting our 34k walking in 3 days & thrills of being camped indefinitely amidst wallabies (which I’ve filmed) echidnas (which as yet, remain hearsay), possums (one of whom I mistook for a comodo dragon – but, to be fair, it was very dark & the bloody thing was grovelling along the ground) & birds! We’re the only two nutters doing most of it barefoot lol.

We swam naked upon arrival at the other end, followed by entertaining ourselves watching ants entertain themselves on a few broken crumbs of our ricecakes. We were particularly amused by Phycho Ant – who found the food & went into instant manic overdrive on ricecake ecstasy.

Some #protected tiny plovers were the highlight of our walk back – but the #albatross were part of today’s joy again. And a tumbleweed. Always a hoot to watch a #tumbleweed cross rocks under the power of the wind like a giant spider on speed & steroids.

What if we’re the only people on the #planet? We could be. We’ve been nudey-rudies all day. Look at nature – it’s in the raw; no cover-ups … & you know what they say, ‘when in Rome’.

We saved our lunch for when we got back home, aka Camp Buzz; settling down to heartily devour it amidst novels, writing & cuppas but I couldn’t really settle with my salty, #sunburnt skin feeling stretched across my face & shoulders so we busted out Mace’s solar-battery-powered shower for the first time. Woohoo I shaved my legs & armpits & totally enjoyed feeling cleansed & fresh – there’s a female body under all this yowie fur? I’m smothered in body lotion & essential oils now, feeling soft & pretty in an op-shop-bargain pink (well it’s more like crimson really) sequin-laced, see-through mini that raised Step’s eyebrows in a ‘what th?’ uncomprehending look or a ‘wow-you-look-amazing’ look. I’m running with the latter … who’s the camp bomb now!

My nose hurts. Really have to figure out how to keep the brim of my hat down in the wind (thinking-cap moment). Step’s asleep on his camp chair in the shade, a towel around his naked waist, with his #book propped as open on his lap as his mouth is to flies, & the ever-busy blue wrens under his chair.

What’s for dinner? It was fried peanuts & Chinese rice noodles last night. It really was. You get really inventive when there’s no shops & you hadn’t been prepared to be in the bush in the centre of nowhere for days on end.

Crazy eh!

How crazy are you?

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Luv, joy & happy hippy vibes