Imagine a world without theft

I had a thought today – a world without #theft!!
I had it cos that’s where I live right now … In a tiny, teeny-weeny speck on the #globe!

Not navy seals! The rubbery playful ones that splash in the ocean diving & jumping off rocks; that’s what we watched ‘in the raw’ – a pod, a #herd, a rookery of them.

Sore calves from all this bush #walking, tired arms from so much #swimming, a strained brain from a night of #brainstorming with delightfully beautiful people, leaves my spirit soaring!

Fresh #scallops for dinner.

To bring all we own in our little bed-on-wheels & to delightedly discover that this southern treasure trove holds more gems than I’ve been dreaming about since a family holiday pre-teens, leaves me wondering if the mainland is a mere future holiday destination.

No #graffiti!

Leave your stuff lying around & it’s SAFE! what is this place? This is where we live!

How’s your environment? Are you making it BETTER?

We have a philosophy to leave a place better than how we found it … serious challenge!!

That’s my Luvn for tonight,


joy & happy vibes