Living to love. Loving to live.

Day82 I witness my hubby stopping on a narrow, windy, steep upward climb in #buzz to pick up the one piece of #rubbish we’ve seen all day. I love that the one store owner stops to look out the window when a #car drives past. And although I lost the one address I was given, we were led there anyway. #Gnomes, #cows with milk bodies & black faces. Sheep the size of cattle. Baby deer. And now to #swim in crystal clear waters under rugged mountains. This. This is where we live. #buzz3dayz #lifeontheroad #encounters #travelfree #livingtolove #lovingtolive #gratefulfor

There’s ALWAYS something to be grateful for. Look down – do you see feet? Are they yours? Be grateful! See how easy it is.

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Love, joy & happy vibes