To ship or not to ship, that is the question

So close & yet so far ARGH! On the 80th night of living in our quaint (yet to be painted) bed-on-wheels, we #slept on the side of a side road, or more correctly, tossed & turned with every foreign sound, on the side of a side road, praying against anxiety between bouts of unexplained anxiety. No rhyme or reason. Just nervous excitement & a variety of other emotions spasmodically wreaking havoc in my brain.
By 5am we’d packed for the #ship. By 6am I was comforting myself with Cassia’s delicious home-made muesli – which seemed to work very well until… 7am we’d been directed, by an official (well he had a walkie-talkie & a high viz vest), to park just outside the queue to get onto the Spirit of Tasmania. Did you hear that? Just OUTSIDE the queue!
No rhyme or reason, again! Step is joking beside me ‘imagine if they said, sorry, we’re full’ – which is not hilarious no matter how much he laughs!
So we sit stationary; cars & vans, even 8 bus-loads of #passengers, amidst an odd assortment of moving vehicles being led onto the ship, watching… waiting … hoping…
#buzz3dayz #lifeontheroad #shipornoship

What are you watching, waiting, hoping for? Are you anxious about it? Have you thought of handing it to the One who calms the soul? That’s what I’m doing now.

Stay tuned…

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