The notorious ‘bum dance’

Day 79: ask me if my legs hurt. Moshpit dancing with sweaty 18 year old girls coming onto the ‘boys’ in the band wasn’t planned, but Barely Standing were so flipn good at Mt Eliza Music Festival last night that we just dived in there & showed ’em what oldies can do (yes, I believe I did my kids proud with my notorious ‘bum dance’). We discovered earlier that Mr Curtis not only does great chai tea but the groovy staff-come-friends, funky decor & spectacular balcony view made the experience exceptional. Especially enhanced after hours of bobbing in the clear blue waters on a perfect 32degrees day. We returned to the sandy shores of lapping waters to enjoy the ambiance of the beconing in of nighttime – & secretly recover from our sweaty dance routine.
Actually did some WRITING! Yay, go me! & Buzz remained untouched!
Footnote: today wood & screws are being sought for renovation/rearrange number 79, so we’re only a day behind eek!

What surprises await you today? Dancing, swimming or making new friends?

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