on the road to anywhere

Day 78 & true to form, we rearranged Buzz for the 78th time…We are blessing some Victorians with our excess, whether they want it or not 😁. I had a REAL #shower last night; got to shave my woolly legs & all, so I’m feeling semi human (part feral, part hippy remaining). We commenced a 15k walk to a swing bridge tourist sight from the 1800s but couldn’t tell you what it’s like cos we quit 3.5k in, as it was the middle of the day in stinking (we did) heat. To complete the image – we did have to walk back, so that’s almost officially half way eh (a total of 7ks for those trying to figure it out. Maths wasn’t my strong point either). For those of you who know us well YES, we did get #lost. Several times. In several towns & twice on motorways where turning around took us kilometres out of our way & we MAY have broken a few road rules. Just sayin’.And, truer to form, we missed lunch (unless you count a peanut butter & honey rice cake after our melting walk in the heat of the day) so, tired & #HANGRY Step ordered pizzas at 8.30 in a town we didn’t know existed. (My body is lousy at digesting food beyond 7pm so ask me how I slept last night- NOT).

How’s your life journey going? Are you drifting, or fulfilling dreams? Even lost & hungry, when it’s where you’re meant to be, doing what you’re called to do – you’re #winning.

Disappointments are easier faced when the bigger picture is in your mind. It all becomes #adventure!!

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Luv, joy & happy vibes