For him

2am Tripple 0 call

Not what we expected!

An almighty boom, a screech of brakes, another crash & metal ripping echoed through the black night. We were awake & rushing!!
The 2am emergency call; rushing to the scene, & prayer with a young man who’s car was smashed to bits in a 100k-an-hour highway accident beside the rest stop we’d chosen for the night. Actually, we’d driven an extra hour to get to it, & now realise we were ‘sent’ there (divine intervention you may call it) to be with this young man.
He’d hit a wombat at 100k & did a good job of totally writing off his car as it bounced from guard rail to guard rail, bits of it scattered upon the road with each impact. The noise was deafening in the silence of the night.
We phoned cops & ambos & spent the next half hour with him til help arrived – with the honour of praying for him with our arms around him. Miraculously he was ok!!

Sleep didn’t come easy for us after that middle-of-the-night adrenalin rush. But it did see me praying about our journey, being in the centre of God’s will.
It’s our first day in this State & somehow I’m expecting to be in the right place at the right time the whole trip.
If you’re inclined to do so, pray for this young man who miraculously escaped with his life. Pray direction for a way ahead for him. It is a privilege to pray for others.

What about your life? What direction is it going? You have a purpose for ‘being’. Tune in to the Spirit & live with meaning, direction & purpose. #accident

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Love, joy & happy vibes