Get it, got it, good!

I made some new year resolutions a month ago; personal challenges to myself & some goals to strive for. You might have done so too?
Not many people mention their resolutions beyond the first week of January… life often simply falls back to ‘normal’ – however abnormal it was!
It has been one month, & not always easy, & certainly not without its temptations, & I’m aware there are another 11 ahead of me; but, I have held strong, & let me say, both the sense of achievement & the personal satisfaction have already really inspired & energised me to keep going. I believe my life, & therefore those who’s lives are affected by mine in any way, is better for my resolve to improve myself, my lifestyle & those things I pursue. Those things I decided to ‘lay down’ for 2016 are almost barely missed.
Today is the 1st day of the second month – a great day to set a goal or make a new resolution toward a better you! I’m vouching for the benefits & rewards!! #seizetheday #gratefulfor #kickinggoals #buzz3dayz #togetherwecan #winwin #newyearresolution #livingtolove

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