so bloody hard

Some days it is just so HARD! I resolve to spring out of bed each morning, alive with the #energy to begin my day with exercise. I know how good it is for me. I am fully aware of all the health #benefits physically & mentally & emotionally. I WANT to do it.
But it’s so bloody HARD.
My bed is comfy & my body feels so good in here – so relaxed that it is difficult to convince it to get up.
The beach is just outside my door; my cossies on the hook at the foot of my bed. It’s so easy – & yet so hard! The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. ‘Just one more hour of sleep & I will do it,’ I attempt to trick myself for yet another day.
I know that lying in bed longer never produces more #energy. I get up late with a cloudy head & stumble to be fully awake for the next hour & never quite manage to fully focus on anything for most of the day. But if I just GET UP – even when it is so bloody HARD; wiggle my body into those cossies & walk that beach, within minutes I’m awake, #active, alive & ready to take on the WORLD. So, it is #hard – but I’m hitting that #beach
#buzz3dayz #lifeontheroad

Get up & go, my friend, you WILL thank yourself.

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