should be so lucky

And sometimes it rains. On our #travels people constantly tell us how ‘lucky’ we are. We meander at leisure, our days are timeless, the sights spectacular & there’s constant stimulation for our writings. (any day now our books will take off & #goodmorningaustralia and #Ellen and #thatslifemagazine will be clambering to book us). But when it appears there is no utopia where every day is sunshine & laughter, as #MartinaMcBride sings ‘there’s gotta be a little rain sometimes’, and we’re squished together uncomfortably bent under our way-too-low awning getting dripped-on whilst gloomily looking out upon a colourless grey world, with a billy on the gas stove in some losing attempt to feel #warm – with wet towels & soggy cossies & damp clothes strewn throughout the van, & the windows shut tight against the elements; steaming-up uncomfortably-restricting, stifling air inside Buzz, that we don’t look so #lucky. That’s when you shrug your damp, cold shoulders, push aside the wet clothes, clamber over the laptops & water-storage containers, muddy boots, ukuleles, surfboard & bags of potential novels to read, & climb back in bed to make love – again! As #Kylieminogue sings I should be so lucky. Lucky, lucky, lucky!

Best of #luck dear friends

You’ve just been luvd-on by
Chrissy xx