Sticky juices & kicking goals

Sticky juices, bikinis & kicking goals!

With the sticky juices of watermelon & peaches dribbling down our chins, it’s time to slip into our polkadot bikinis, prepare cold drinks where the ice clinks against the glass at every sip, & stretch out & relax in a shady spot. December & Summer are upon us in Oz.

It is kinda good to get to the end of another year, well almost the end, and look back.

How was it for you?

Did you kick goals?

Did you share love with those who need it from us; family, friends, the marginalised or homeless?

Are you approaching the finish line where you’d hoped to be?

You happy??

Did you live 2015 well?

It wasn’t the easiest year for us but we were determined to fulfil our mission.

Having a mission statement sure got me out of a lot of messes this year.

For real!

Without my vision written down & defined into practical steps I may not have been able to keep going.

THIS YEAR I HAVE EXPERIENCED USELESSNESS; I HAVE BEEN OVERWHELMED; SUFFERED AN ENGULFING GRIEF; HAD FRIENDS BETRAY ME & FAMILY HURT ME (yea, it happens: we’re all human!). I had times where GIVING UP seemed not just viable, but sensible.

BUT, instead, I would go to my vision & take time to reinstall it into my heart & mind. It added positive power, put my life back in perspective and help me experience grace, forgiveness, direction, purpose & love all over again: recharging my weak batteries, & allowing me to get focused on what’s important.

Have you got a vision? I know I harp on about it but it really does bring FREEDOM.

FREEDOM to be grateful for cherished friends & the nourishing environment in which we live. Freedom to live, breathe, laugh and enjoy being ME.

It still blows my mind that we’ve been created to experience & express love & ever-renewing life. Yea, me & you.

I love that feeling of abundant joy, amazement & wonder; that EXCITED EXPECTATION, when I remember why I’m here… why I’m me!


It’s been epic & we’re kinda exhausted but we finally got to MEET OUR NEW BUZZ in November. Buzz3, another Toyota HiAce (12 years younger than the last, but still not into the 21st century), became reality, & our new ‘home’ just a few weeks back, five months after beloved Buzz2 went to the great junk yard in the sky.


The transitional stage from housesitting for 12 months to living in a car has been somewhat stressful – as most changes in life are.

Have you noticed that some of us thrive on change, while others get overwhelmed & exhausted by it?


I love (lovelovelove) the adventure of living in a bed-on-wheels, while Step fusses over all the little details making sure it’s pleasurable, manageable space. We’re enjoying rediscovering life’s simplicity – which leaks into all areas of our lives; resulting in us being happier everywhere… Buzz, work, making sweet luv, babysitting, volunteering, writing – they all become highlights again!


Through thick & thin & ups & downs & cranky-pants & euphoric highs – God has performed yet another miracle & this couple is more committed, more in love, than ever 👫

As a family we’ve experienced deep grief amidst our celebrations of immense joy. Another grandchild joined the menagerie, a delightful little girl.


Our writings and projects are going great – slower than planned, but also turning out much better and bigger than planned. 📚📖📙 Step is near finished his literary masterpiece, and I have put together an unusual ecclectic book with a dear fellow creative, to be released next year.

Falling Up Stairs continues to bring such JOY. My Facebook gets posts & messages of thanks & love EVERY WEEK!! That’s been going on for a full year!! WoW! (insert overwhelming gratitude right here)

The R2BProject, all about people helping people, with almost 100 aboard, remains an incredible, beautiful journey – two years, so far, in the making! When released next year, the project will continue in full force.


This is our last year at the Olive Tree in Batemans Bay. It has been an absolute blast of a journey. Fantastic!! We’ve met so many great people and totally loved serving this community. Next Year the Olive Tree is changing to operate as a multi-purpose ‘shared space’ for our community.

IN February, Step and I will hit the road again in Buzz3. Woohoo, Tasmania, here we come!!

May I take this opportunity to thank you, love-on you, wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS & a FULFILLED, PROSPEROUS & GENEROUS NEW YEAR of Love, Joy & Happy Vibes; & remind you – Jesus loves you.

Chrissy 💜🚌🇦🇺🌲✨

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