Woody’s mercy missions

Woody the Wagon Continues Mercy Missions

Woody – an unassuming dark blue Toyota Camry Stationwagon – continues his epic journey, transporting his varied & eclectic owners throughout NSW.
Little did KK know she’d purchased an angel when she bought Woody new. KK needed to be here, there & everywhere to build up a business & get on her feet. Woody served her well, without hiccup, for many years – & more than 400,000 kilometres.
Loved & nurtured, he was a happy wagon.
When SuSuz’s only means of transport packed it in, Woody drove in on his mercy mission & provided faithful, reliable service, rising to any task requested; from ‘work truck’ conquering the Clyde Mountain, to girlie lunches in town. Loved & nurtured, he was a happy wagon.
And then the travelling gypsies find ourselves without bed or wheels. Woody was quick to volunteer – throwing his whole self into the task.
A few minor repairs & a new ticker (timing belt) saw Woody charm the mechanics and pass another rego inspection.
He was back on the road & humming.
For 5 months & another 5,000 kilometres Woody the Wagon enjoyed little people scampering upon the rear seats while us gypsies conquered missions and transported friends & family to gatherings, dinners & even a baptism.
Just two days ago the gypsies found our home-on-wheels in fellow Toyota, HiAce ‘Buzz3’.
What was Woody to do?
Loved & nurtured, he was a happy wagon.
Woody stood strong & proud, determined to serve his next mission with as much gusto & reliability as was his custom.
The gypsies had purchased Buzz at 6pm the night before, when a phone call came from a friend-in-need.
Adz was carless. His folks had loan the gypsies the last dollars they needed for Buzz3 to become a reality. Woody was needed 150 kilometres away by the very family who had helped the gypsies. It was too good to be true.
Woody’s mercy missions were to continue. Adz had been bound to the house for months, Woody would be his companion to freedom.
Woody leaves next week to climb new mountains & traverse different highways & byways where he’ll be loved & nurtured; a happy wagon.

And they all lived happily ever after spreading love, joy & happy vibes.

You’ve been loved-on by Chrissy.