A Princess Tale

Once Upon A Princess Tale by Chrissy Guinery

Once upon a time there was a girl who was born to be a princess. Unfortunately, she seemed oblivious of her calling to be a princess, so she didn’t live like a princess. She had a lot of dark recesses within her – black creatures that formed. Some were recognised as bitterness, anger & jealousy. Others became self-loathing & hatred. They were all sorts of varieties of distorted ugly creatures. But they belonged to her. She ‘owned them’, thus, she fed them regularly.
Every now and again, glimpses of the princess she was called to be, appeared, & she would get excited for a time; entertaining & playing & laughing with the princess within. But the dark creatures she fed, would rise up against the princess within. They would gang-up on her; loathing the idea of a princess rising.
And sometimes they would get mad. Real mad. Something would go wrong for the girl who was born to be a princess. She would get hurt. She would lose at a game, or someone would misjudge her, or she would be accused of something she didn’t do – & it would cause the girl to empower & release her villainous beasts.
Her creatures protected her from failure & hurt. They were handy bodyguards to release upon unsuspecting ‘others’ who threatened the girl’s world.
And for many years, this seemed to work. Sometimes it seemed to work very well. The girl, though occasionally exhausted from the demands of the dark ogres she fed, managed to get through life. The creatures kept other people at bay, so she had more time to be with the dark twisted figures, & she fed them more readily.
Her & her dark beasts often lived as a strong army upon the island she called life – only changing direction or tactic when opposition was met.
Nigh on 20 years the girl who was born to be a princess lived within her island feeding her black, ugly animals of anger & jealousy and bitterness & hatred. These creatures grew strong with brute strength. They learnt to morph into other mean monsters like resentment & fear, & cruelty; even toward the girl who was born to be a princess. They shaped themselves into sarcasm & ridicule of others.
Often you could barely see the girl for the menagerie of lurking, slinking, interfering, untamed creatures she kept.
One day the creatures, tired of waiting on the ever-changing whims of the one who released them, & afraid she may grow weary of them, got together to gang-up on the girl who was born to be a princess. The girl was growing, & her demons could see she had the potential to be beautiful. If she became more social, she could be dangerous. Occasionally it looked like she may even discover her purpose – & become the princess she was called to be.
The creatures saw the threat. Recognising time may be running out, they agreed they mustn’t allow that to happen. THEY KNEW THAT REAL PRINCESSES DIDN’T FEED CREATURES LIKE THEM.
So they joined forces upon the girl who was born to be a princess, and convinced her that everything that went wrong, was all her fault.
The girl doubted it in her mind for a time- but the more she listened to the beasts & their taunts, the more right their accusations sounded.
And so the girl who didn’t know she was born to be a princess began to believe the demons she fed.
The creatures took her to a cliff for a final celebratory party. There they danced around her, luring her closer to the brink. They chanted nasty things to her & brought up all her mistakes before her.
She began to weep & pull at her hair, clenching her fists and buckling under their pressure; all the while, staggering closer toward the verge.
This dancing of the demons seemed to go on for a time and time & a half until she stood upon the cliff’s edge.
Precariously, with her toes curled downward over the dusty rim, she tottered with her teary eyes tightly shut. And the world stood still.
The creatures became silent within that instant; drawing in a huge breath in such unity it was as if they were one. The girl rocked & swayed, wailing; too distraught to even think about what she was doing.
And the girl who didn’t know she was born to be a princess leant forward, away from the engulfing silence of the dark & twisted creatures she had fed for so long – & she felt herself falling.
The creatures gathered like vultures upon the edge of the cliff, rubbing their hands together, grinning & smirking sweet victory as they watched the girl fall further & further downward. It appeared a guaranteed sweet victory – & the creatures were already imagining their dishonouring dedicatory party, the dancing & cheering and high-fiving that would follow soon. Soon.
The girl who was born to be a princess, but was now a girl falling, couldn’t think straight; couldn’t open her eyes upon anything. She knew she was going down but couldn’t bring herself to focus her eyes on anything stable. She was careening downward fast.

The harrowing silence from her creatures above, was tangible. Her mind became aware of the quiet – & it suddenly felt good, very good, not hearing their taunts and accusations.
She was glad they’d pushed her to going over the edge.
And then, within a microsecond of that very thought, she seemed to no longer be careening downward, but it felt more like floating. The weight that had propelled her down, down, down had apparently gone. It was like she was floating weightlessly; as the autumn leaves did in the gentle breeze of pre-winter.
Instead of crashing & splitting against the hard rocks that lay beneath her, she miraculously tumbled gently into a chair.
No, it was more than a chair, it was soft and velvety, with a glorious braid around the ornate arms and high back. It wasn’t a chair, or even a lounge, it was a throne. Yes, she opened her eyes wide. She could see now, she was upon a purple velvet throne adorned with gold braiding.
But something else was stranger still. THOUGH SHE WAS UPON THE THRONE, SHE WASN’T ACTUALLY SITTING ON IT. Instead she seemed to have alighted upon the knee of the one sitting upon the throne. So glowing was this throne-dweller, he appeared as light itself. Except for one thing. ONE SHIMMERING FLASH OF SILVER. What was that? Her mind concentrated, & her vision cleared as she peered upon the beautiful crown of the throne-dweller. It sparkled with jewels of ruby red, amethyst purple, emerald green, sapphire blue & dazzling diamonds.
But this shimmering crown wasn’t upon the head of the throne-dweller, it was within his hands. The hands came toward her, gentle, caring hands; lifting the glorious crown toward her tangled hair, & placing it, a perfect fit, upon her head. She heard two sweet, quiet words whispered after her name … ‘My princess’.
And in that moment she knew.
Her mind journeyed back through the years of her life, recalling one by one, her fleeting princess moments. Moments of Joy, Laughter, Peace. Moments when Hope seemed real & Gentleness entered her soul. Moments when Goodness surrounded her & her heart swelled with Life & Love.
She could see it now. In the arms of the throne-dweller with a crown sparkling upon her head, Love broke through, & the princess was born.
From the empowered position on the lap of the throne-dweller; a princess crown adorning her head; in an authoritative voice she had previously not known she owned, she looked up toward her silent creatures peering over the edge of the cliff, now a cowering, frightened cluster of uncertainty; & spoke one clear, loud direction toward them, ‘BE GONE!’
In a puff of smoke as from a dragon’s breath, they disintegrated into myriad tiny shards & were dissolved upon the next breath of wind. Gone.
In the silent victory that followed, her eyes rested closed.
In that exact instant, she felt herself being lifted gently ever upward. Higher & higher, strong hands raised her, gently placing her upon a grassy cushion upon the top of the cliff. Peace & Hope we’re singing to her. Life & Love beckoned her fully awake.
Her eyes opened, slowly focusing upon her surroundings.
She could neither see nor feel any sign of the creatures. Without doubt or question, void of angst or fear, the girl who was a princess arose & adjusted her crown. Standing to her feet, her chin rising slightly upward, taking up her sword, the princess walked purposefully into her destiny to live happily ever after.

Once Upon A Princess Tale by ChrissyGuinery