I want to tell you about two friends of mine – who AREN’T dangerous. …yet!

You see, the other night I attended a leadership seminar (always a good thing to do) & this was quoted:

‘All people dream, but not equally. For those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their mind, awake to the day only to find it was all vanity. But dreamers of the day are DANGEROUS PEOPLE, for they may act out their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible…’ David Dewitt

As you know (if you’ve read Falling Up Stairs or heard me speak) I’m big on dreams, plans, goals: a mission statement to carry in your heart, propelling you ever forward & upward.

Of my friends, one is a dusty night dreamer who ‘drifts’ through life aimlessly. Another ‘works’ her way through a busy business life as if she has absolutely NOTHING else to live for.

Somewhere it says that ‘without vision, people perish’ ( or have no direction or order or even restraint ). Never a good thing, I’m sure you’ll agree.

That’s why I reckon my two friends need to jump ship. Whether in the land of complacency, drifting aimlessly, or the workaholic with no time to dream; a shift (move, about-face, alter, change) is essential! Especially if one wants to be dangerous!

Woohoo, don’t you love the thought of a dangerous life… Living with purpose, on purpose?!
I’m challenged constantly to rise, to reach my full potential in all I do & to be lead to new levels. (I POSITIONS myself to be challenged!)

I’m not into stagnant – we need to be people with vision or we risk stinking thinking. Allow me to explain: rivers have a purpose – to continue to flow – eventually, into the sea. When they don’t fulfil their purpose they can get blocked, stuck, jammed-up. It is in this state, where they’re NOT fulfilling their purpose, that they turn from being a river with life-flowing waters to becoming a stinking bog! The water becomes stagnant & toxic. They stink. Life ceases to exist in them.
Hello! Are you hearing me in this? Are you alive & flowing, using goals & dreams to propel you into purpose & destiny OR are you bogged down, listless, bored, lifeless or working so hard you can’t even think any more & are just sick & tired of being sick & tired like my two friends?

I distinctly remember him telling me he wanted more out of life; wanted vision for his life, but couldn’t be bothered to put the time in to do it. Now I don’t know about you, but I would think that by putting in ‘time’, he could discover/uncover the change he is looking to live for. Guess what that friend is doing today?
He is on his mother’s couch. He works occasionally when he needs funds. He remains directionless & there’s a sense of hopelessness about him. You know the saddest thing; he told me he didn’t have time to create a vision or purpose for his life FIFTEEN YEARS AGO. For 15 years he’s drifted. Bored & often useless. 15 years with no time to plan a future.

You know how I mentioned that somewhere it says that ‘without vision, people perish’ ( or have no direction or order or even restraint)? I reckon this friend of mine is living proof.
Yet, he could change it instantly! He could start by having one small goal. Something simple like: ‘shower, dress & go out & walk for half an hour daily’. This would be the catalyst for a transformed life. If he continued, his mental, emotional & physical health would improve. His brain would shake off the cobwebs & WANT to create ways to be used! He would discover small victories in his own personal growth to the point of positioning himself into greater victories through more goal-setting. He would CHALLENGE himself into a purpose-driven, purpose-lived life!
He would develop positive thinking out of the very mind that had previously contained dusty recesses. He would experience healthy emotions & find couch-sitting for endless hours no longer satisfying. He would begin a more productive lifestyle. His eyes would be opened to new challenges. He would become DANGEROUS.

My workaholic friend could allow herself a moment’s peace to dare to consider who she is & who’d like to be. She could work less, socialise more, & begin to schedule laughter & fun into her busy diary for just half an hour a day. Doing it daily until it brings such joy and purpose she begins to rearrange her diary to be more about being alive, personally developing & discovering the art of ‘seeing’ & ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’. She could begin to reach her full potential as a human (not a work horse).

‘Without vision, people perish’ (or have no direction or order or even restraint). That’s a wise Proverb

Incredible, isn’t it, the potential WITHIN YOU when you ‘act out your dreams with eyes open’.

Consider yourself loved-on by someone dangerous hehe

Chrissy xx