Since our beloved Buzz died on its final roadie on June 10th, & with the help of so many beautiful people, we have been saving toward a new Buzz. Thanks to everyone believing for our dream with us. We had our eye on one, but just didn’t have enough funds & it was sold to someone else.
We have found a few that look good, but are just out of our financial reach at the moment. Our deposit is ready, but it’s ‘funds pending’ before the new (2ndhand) Buzz materialises.
We are praying, believing, saving, decreeing favour & success for the next leg of our journey – & will let you all know the moment it jumps from a dream to reality.
Thank you to everyone helping by depositing into BSB 082855 ACCNT 186497456.
Many blessings, love, joy, happy vibes and 100fold return be yours.

Chrissy xx