Tackling the biggies

Has anyone else noticed that we’re in a society where everyone has to pretend to be perfect? On the surface we look accepting & all-embracing; but try coming to the fore with a real issue & watch people back away. Two issues I’m particularly referring to are an overwhelming feeling of not being able to cope either mentally or financially.It seems embarrassment & shame stop people who really need help, from seeking help!
We ‘say’ we’re a society that doesn’t judge, but sadly, on a whole, I don’t think it’s true. I’m meeting people struggling in these two areas who are too embarrassed to seek the help we all so richly deserve.
A stigma is attached to the financially or mentally ‘unstable’. And unfortunately quite often, the one seems to lead to the other. It doesn’t matter which one comes first, but often the other will follow.
Many people are in debt to credit cards & simply (or not so simply) tread water from pay to pay & payment to payment; juggling, borrowing, booking up tabs where they can get away with it & seriously struggling to see a way out. The spiral continues until it appears out of control.
Where is there simple, trustworthy, practical FREE advice for someone desperate to learn a budget, get out of debt & begin a ‘savings plan’ – something almost too surreal to dream of in the pit of financial disaster; or someone feeling their thoughts are escalating to frightening ideas, their mind seems to be playing tricks on them or their self-esteem is decreasing.

How does someone seek this help without feeling like a total loser?
It appears, on the surface, that ‘everyone else’ has all they need and copes so easily… houses, holidays, cars, new clothes, dining in restaurants, apparently living the dream while those getting deeper & deeper into financial mess are living their worst nightmare! ‘Everyone else’ appears to be coping with an even balance of work & play while you seem to be juggling balls in the air & dropping some on a daily basis.
If the embarrassing stigma attached to asking for help in these two areas – mental & financial – is not real, why are the statistics showing BOTH are on the increase here in ‘the lucky country’?
Why are so many stressed, feeling overwhelmed, fighting & seeing no way out – and yet afraid to ask for help?
Are budget plans & lifestyle balance being taught in schools in the weekly programs? Is counselling/assistance offered for those on Centrelink payments to receive real financial & lifestyle advice?
Are there children’s Xbox games & phone apps featuring teaching & coping tools?
If you know of help available, please spread the word on ‘no strings attached’, no hidden fees, reliable & practical assistance where those in need have self-awareness & self-esteem heightened so they are empowered to begin their new journey.

Together we can make a difference.

Luvn vibes & a grateful heart,

Chrissy xx