$2,925: tally to date

Many of you are aware that Step & I have spent the past 12months working on The R2B Project; a project aimed at bringing awareness & techniques in recognising, easing & alleviating stress & anxiety in people’s lives. It is a HUGE project, but one we are passionate about and are dedicated to sowing our time, energy & love into.
The R2B Project is taking us further afield on the road – thus the necessity for a new Buzz-mobile since our dear little technicolour ‘home’ broke down last month.
Our vision embraces changing (dare I say, smashing to bits) the current Australia-wide statistic of SEVEN SUICIDES A DAY in our nation. We are on a mission to be a part of the solution in reducing it to zero!
We want to acknowledge & thank the many beautiful souls who have already come aboard the R2B Project in various capacities, & now invite you to inbox us if you would like further details to join us in this mighty mission through sponsorship, interview or helping us get the R2B Project where it will be most effective.
To all our ‘sponsors’ -we claim the Biblical 100fold return for all of you who have opened hearts (& wallets) to us so generously & to those who have bravely shared their stories.
Together, we CAN make a difference.
It is my great privilege to be saying THANK YOU daily as we believe for a nation of people who value life: both others’ lives, and that of our OWN!