For Us

Heavenly Father thank You for watching over us and watching out for us. As You can see; we’re desperate for good things to happen for us, for our friends & for our families. We know You are the source of all goodness, so it is to you we come with our prayers and petitions with hearts swelled with gratefulness. We can ask You cos You WANT us to do just that. You ASK us to cast our cares upon You, commit our way to You and You will take care of the rest. Here we are Lord, no strings attached, just us & You. The safest, best & most blessed place to be – in the comfort of Your loving arms we ask, seek, thank, believe & trust. Then we walk empowered through our days knowing You are with us, your angels watch over us and You provide a light to our path, directing us. Oh Lord THANKYOU: there is no greater peace!!! We love You! Thank You for loving us so completely that Your Son Jesus died so we could live a life of abundance in every area: physically, mentally, emotionally, financially & spiritually! Amen.