The mud

You see that mud puddle and it’s, oh, so tempting!
You know you shouldn’t, but, surely, just this once won’t hurt?
Your eyes keep going back to it. Your pace slows & your mind is anywhere but where you’re meant to be.
The mud lures you.
You don’t want to stay out of it.
You could do it – nobody’s watching.

You look ahead, but your eyes flick back to the puddle.
You know what’s right & good & clean & best.
You have a moment of temptation when you long to throw caution to the wind, & do it anyway… forget the consequences.
You allow a final glance & a shaking of your head as you give yourself a pep talk.
And finally you look away – you walk PAST the mud puddle.

You’re focused on the path ahead.
You move forward.
You know where you’re going and no mud is gunna hold you back!
You’re walking with purpose.
Your pace quickens.
Your strength returns.
You see your future:
ain’t no mud on you!
There’s a purpose to be fulfilled and it’s too important for messy distractions that leave you covered in crap.

Walk well, my friend.

You’ve just been loved-on by Chrissy xx