Once you cross the line …

‘Once you cross the line, there’s no going back.’
These were the words of a broken man we spoke with yesterday.
He ranted, swore, cursed, threatened to do some silly things, waved his arms, shook his head, shouted & declared he was at the end. There was no going back. He was done-for.
We let him go; let him release as much anger as was safely possible before asking him to sit with us. We weren’t condescending; flip, why would we be; both of us have been there!!! And we chatted in respectable tones until the atmosphere tangibly changed.
We reminded him of who he was, all the good bits, the love in his heart that was being buried under his anger, bitterness & frustration. Then we asked him who the winners were in his life.
This was a good question – he stopped and began to think. To really think.

He told us it wasn’t his family, cos he hated them and was having nothing to do with them.
And it wasn’t his friends cos he was always angry and short with them, constantly impatient.
And it wasn’t himself cos he felt like crap (he used other words, but you get the drift). Then we sat silent.

At his own confession, there were no winners in his life IF HE DIDN’T CHANGE. So we were now at a new starting point.
He needed to change. And he COULD change. He could begin again.
He started to tell us how he used to be a nice bloke; ‘I was even funny. People used to like to be around me.’

Gosh it was a great time after that turning point. We saw a weight lift from his shoulders and his facial muscles relax. We hugged. We laughed. And then he asked if we would pray with him so he could let it all go by giving all his anger, hurt & frustration to God.
You know I don’t need to go into detail for you to know he HAD ‘crossed the line’ & there WAS ‘going back’!
And you don’t need me to tell you he bounced out of there a different man. And you know I don’t need to tell you that God offers this new start freely to EVERY ONE OF US. WooHoo!
May new beginnings of freedom & Luvn vibes be yours right now.

You’ve just been loved-on.

Your friend, Chrissy xx