Something incredible happened yesterday …two things actually!
As you well know, life isn’t always easy – and I’m not immune to letting my feelings take me down a selfpity path at times … but there is always something to pull me out and lift me up – & it’s almost always about looking outside of myself.

Straight from her hospital bed in another State, I received a message from a friend at 2am this morning (as you do). She was in hospital reading Falling Up Stairs when she felt pressed upon to give it away – even before she had finished reading it. She knew it was God letting her know she was to pay-it-forward, very soon. As these things go when you’re dealing with a miraculous God & you’re willing to obey, circumstances immediately presented themselves. Without going into too much detail, Falling Up Stairs is now in the hands of a grateful young lady who was brought back to life from her second suicide attempt.
I wrote this book for people such as this beautiful young woman! I couldn’t be more thrilled that my book is making it into the right hands. I KNOW that will be her LAST suicide attempt!

Some authors want money and fame (don’t get me wrong, it’d be nice) but my prayer is always that desperate people would receive my book and their lives would be transformed. I know the Spirit has breathed on it: since publication, I frequently receive positive feedback. People telling me of changes they’ve put in place for a better life – a life of love. Learning to love themselves & using that love to position their lives into a healthy place, so they can reach out and love-on others.

This may sound trivial in the writing here, but never-ever underestimate the power of love in someone’s life. From hatred, fear & desperation, we’re seeing people rise. I know it’s not me! God has used me to write; but it’s His words and His Spirit upon it that brings transforming results.

I write this in tears – so deep is my passion that we know we are beautifully and wonderfully made by a loving Father God.
This 2am message came on the back of me travelling 50k yesterday to deliver my book to someone in need. I had seen her sad posts on FB & began private messaging her – before I knew it I was bringing a book to her door, believing for transformation, life and hope to enter her.

I feel incredibly alive, focused, living on-purpose through encounters such as these two.
I’m continuously inspired to remember what life is all about.
To live life to the full we must live generously!

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Your friend Chrissy