Believing bigger

I met a lady today who is simply ‘waiting to die’.
It’s not that she has an illness, it’s that she’s lost her ability to dream.
It’s a sad state of affairs when your mindset becomes so small that those things you once thought possible for your life are discarded.
We talked for a while – nodding in agreement that ‘where there’s life, there’s hope’.
But something she didn’t know; something that caused her tired eyes to widen were the words ‘without a dream/or vision, people perish’.
As we discussed the dreams of her youth, those yesteryear plans she’d imagined for herself, those tired eyes not only got wider, but revealed a tiny glimpse of a twinkle.
I saw the cheeky young woman of her past, try to shine through those ‘windows to her soul’.
The more we talked, the more sparkly her eyes became. But something else was happening too, she straightened her weary back, she became more animated as she spoke, a smile broke out upon her lips and her face glowed while her eyes shine. It was a glorious transforming time.
With the help of a positive friend – join hands & hearts and resurect those dreams; plan new ones & fulfil some goals you’d set aside as impossible.

May Love, joy & happy vibes abound!
Your friend