A large life in a topsy-turvy world

I do live a large life.
I need to remind myself of that some days.
You know the days when you get too busy to notice the small things; I know you know those days. We all have them.

That’s when I remember that it’s often life’s smallest treasures & pleasures that bring the largest joy & gratitude. It’s a topsy-turvy world.
We THINK we need some big, booming breakthrough.
We’re led to believe it takes a million dollars, an overseas trip or a new flash, fast car to make us feel fulfilled.

Yet, if we stop to live EVERY DAY in some small way, we’re furling fulfilment in a lasting way.

When a struggling weed along the cement sidewalk has the most amazingly intricate flower. When a grandchild runs at me with arms open wide for a hug.
When the supermarket has Twisties on sale.
When the tide is low & my beachwalk easy.
When my hubby walks past, but stops a moment to pat my bum.
When Buzz starts first go.
When it’s a sunny afternoon to sit on the grass & watch the local footy team win.
When a friend randomly texts to say they’re thinking of me. When the room is warm because the log fire is burning bright. When a cloud in the sky is in the shape of a love heart.
When the chai tea is brewed just right.

These tiny things awaken my soul during the day-in,day-outs of my week. It’s these small things that break the boredom of an otherwise non-eventful week – or a far too busy week. It’s these tiny treats that heal me when I’m so snowed under in the chaos of sickness, deadlines or a full calendar.

There’s beauty sent your way every day- it’s a matter of training tired eyes to see it.
It might sound insignificant, but don’t be fooled, this simple beauty is sent to bring you large & lasting joy.

May your eyes be bright, my friend.

Shine on!
Love, joy & happy vibes