My stuntman son, when he was little, used to go in his room when he was angry and read the 23rd Psalm. He would imagine David (the guy who wrote it) playing his harp to it, and that’s what would calm him down.
I remember my son telling me that one day and it blew me away – I never knew he did that.

Have you read it? Psalm 23.
It’s so comforting and peaceful.

It talks about hearing the Shepherd’s voice Just his voice
Just his staff
I’m the sheep, He’s my shepherd.

It says things like;
I shall not want … I have all that I need.
I don’t need anything else
Do I?
He leads me – ‘Leads’ me
He renews my strength
He guides me
Along right paths

He guards me
He leads me
He strengthens me
I am close
I’m protected
I’m comforted
A feast is prepared for me in the presence of enemies; my enemies
In the midst of that I’m at His table

He says, My sheep listen to My voice…
I follow Him
I follow His voice
I know His voice
I’m His sheep
I follow Him

There’s something so powerful in revelations like that… to be able to draw strength, comfort & courage during down times.
Check out the 23rd Psalm and see what I mean.
Let me know how it changes your mindset throughout the trials in the days ahead.

Be blessed, my friend
LUV Chrissy