No Accidents

People ask me ‘how did you do it?’
It really is about determination & never-say-die kinda focus.
I didn’t write a book by accident … & I did write a heap of stuff that remains unpublished to this day before my book was published.

I wrote & I wrote & I wrote some more. Until I wrote something with life breathed all over it. But the journey isn’t over. I’m still writing.
I guess I’m not the quitter I thought I was; I guess I’ve also got more VaVaVaVoom than I first thought. It’s lovely to surpass your own expectations.

It’s not really about whether someone else thinks you’re good or clever or brave or smart … it’s about being true to yourself. It’s that feeling of satisfaction when my head hits the pillow at night that I’ve lived another day on purpose, not just surpassing who I thought I was, but being crazily, madly, deeply in love with the journey.
Will I publish another book? You betcha I will! … oh, hang on, did I say ‘another’ book. Heck, change that to ‘others’. Will there be others? Too bloody right there will – this girl’s on fire!

Praying I’ve helped light a match under your goals too! Go YOU!

And thanks to all who give me feedback. We’re all in this together – spreading the love, joy & deliriously happy vibes: Chrissy