Family planning? huh?

Family planning?? Huh?
I just had one of those weekends. You know the ones; the ones where everything comes together brilliantly. But not in an orderly, ship-shape, refined and scheduled fashion – more like semi-planned chaos haha.I know last weekend was one of much activity for most people because it was Easter – which means a 4-day week-end whether you believe in Him or not.
But added to our Easter celebrations (& as believers, believe me, they’re big celebrations. I mean, someone taking my place for the death sentence is worth a bit of partying, even if I do say so myself) – yet added to all that, we celebrated my birthday. And it wasn’t even my birthday yet!

Hubby and I are part of that weird, haphazard, late-hippy scene where nobody had any concept of family-planning when it came to having our babies back in the day, so we just popped them out as they came along… all five of them!
The advantages to this method, or complete lack thereof, is that everyone eventually ends up fairly casual about another life in the house to ‘do life’ with… resulting in tolerant, empathetic, loving adults, which, by the way, if you ask me, the world does well to have!
But a disadvantage could be that two of the five were popped out just days either-side of MY birthday (years apart of course. I’m good; But I’m not THAT good I could create and deliver new life in a matter of four days.)
Did I really just say ‘popped out’? Oh if only it were that easy! ‘Out you pop, Honey, there’s a good baby’.

But me and you know full well that when it comes to child birth there’s no such thing as ‘popping’ that baby out. No easy clean plan to have bubba simply join us politely & quietly. Nah, for this somewhat experienced little black duck, it involved an arena of lots of puffing & huffing (with far greater force than the Big Bad Wolf); there was kicking and crying (& I’m not sure if that was me or the baby) and pushing and heaving and blood and loud, noisy, messy, crazy (if only for some of the journey) mayhem eventually resulting in an exhaustedly ecstatic mummy with a suckling pink blotchy bundle at the breast while hubby massaged feeling back into his hand and wondered how said mummy could transform from the wild, crazed alley cat fight into a gentle cooing kitten in an instant.
Meanwhile, back at the plot… it’s my birthday today (HipHipHooray for me today YaY). It’s not my middle daughter’s birthday until Friday, and it wasn’t my youngest son’s birthday until the Sunday but we celebrated the three of us in a combined party on the Saturday night. Such fun. Such laughter. Such frivolity.

There were 20 of us. This is what happens after parents have no method to the madness they call family – kids grow; big kids marry and they all have their own kids and before you know it there are people everywhere – and it’s all because of you. Well, me… all because of me, in this instance you really had nothing to do with it hehe, sorry.

Twenty of us for Church on Good Friday and for lunch and dinner that night. And then a full Saturday of 20 of us, shopping and preparing for the 20 of us to party that evening. … & then the big party dinner with the red, black & white theme (where I wore green, pink, brown & blue with a yellow necklace as you do. Well not you maybe, but me. As I do).
And then 20 of us to get up, get dressed, get sorted, and get to the EASTER morning service before the 20 of us dined together for lunch.

Of course Monday was a public holiday so the rambling circus-act we call family gatherings continued on the Monday in full-force, though some of us were looking a little frayed around the edges & a few were slipping off to a semi-quiet, less-inhabited space for quick catch-up kips in an attempt to last the distance.
Amidst the food and flowing wine were egg hunts and barbecues and beach frisby tournaments and swimming and babies’ bottles and lost dummies and the singing of songs, board games (yes, even Monopoly) and jigsaw puzzles.

It’s Raining now. And it’s my birthday. My clothes line is straining under the weight of 18 sopping wet, dripping towels; bath & beach varieties, and a dozen colourful sarongs attempting to lift a soaked corner to wave in the gusts of wind whipping up. The clothes dryer consistently pumps warmth into sheets until they’re dry and the beds can be remade for the next gathering of the clan.
And today is my birthday!!
Hip Hip Hooray.

And the greatest gift I can share today, & every day, is LOVE.

So, LOVE to you, dear one!
Love. And Joy & Happy Vibes of course!

Chrissy xx