series of events …




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We were desperate! I was booked months ago to speak at the Country Women’s Conference in Albury and was very much looking forward to bringing a message to the girls.

Buzz went into the mechanic on Monday, and by Friday remained too unwell to travel.
After many faithfilled friends stood with us in prayer on Thursday night, we received a miracle … not quite what we had in mind, but a series of events that now find us blessed indeed.
Friends arrived bleary eyed at the crack of dawn this morning with a fantastically comfortable car for us to use. The 500 kilometre trip was a delight!
When we arrived at conference and told our story we were upgraded to the teacher’s apartment at the conference centre I’m speaking at.
A barbecue dinner, wine, singing and a great night ensued where we met and made many friends!!
TOMMORROW I’m addressing the group and totally believing for the miraculous (why wouldn’t I ?!)
I wonder what this story could have sounded like without prayer, friends, generosity, FAVOUR and blessings? It doesn’t bear thinking about, does it?
The Christian life is never dull, always supported, and our prayers continuously, creatively answered. One word: JESUS