SOOO many ideas swim around in our brains on any given day; allow me to encourage you to write them down.
Have a notepad near you, or jot ideas into your phone or onto your tablet – cos one of those ideas could actually grow roots, sprout and GROW.
That’s how my next book is being birthed – a crazy idea I threw out there into the cosmos. I wrote it down as a by-the-way thing. But later, when I took a good, long look at it, the cogs in my brain began turning slowly. As the cogs got faster, I ran the idea past some friends and their brain cogs clicked into gear. And we liked what we were seeing.
And before you know it, my idea had roots. Then shoots. And now, here I am on my way to meet my publisher this morning, on the wings of my idea…. bubbling over like a wave hitting a rock!

What if I told you IT CAN BE DONE!

Do it!

Love, joy and happy vibes,